Doral_Customs_BrokersDoral Customs Brokers

Doral Customs Brokers is a full-service customs broker. We clear customs electronically for shipments arriving at any US port, our offices are located in Miami, Florida. We offer a complete range of customs broker services for all your import shipments. We have the experience and know-how to carry your import shipments through US customs fast and efficiently.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Doral Customs Brokers works with you from the time you decide on your international shipment to the moment it is delivered to your final destination.

From simple informal entries to the most complex transaction involving customs and other government agencies, Doral Customs Brokers is here to consult on the steps that must take place from the moment you complete your international transactions to ensure that your import shipment moves fast and efficiently through US customs.

Our clients are our top priority and superior customer service is our goal. We respond quickly to your requests and will make sure that you are informed of all the steps necessary to clear your shipments through US customs. At Doral Customs Brokers we offer complete logistics services from any port, US customs clearance for all imports, bonded transport, bonded warehousing, local distribution and logistics and international shipping through our affiliates.

Count on our diligence and know-how to carry your import shipments through US customs easily and effectively. Customs import rules and regulations are extensive and change frequently. Several rules of interpretation apply and import regulation changes such special international trade programs can change periodically. At Doral Customs Brokers we are involved with the international trade community, we are up to date and informed of US Customs regulations and recent changes to ensure that your cargo moves through US Customs smoothly and without delay.

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ISF note to all our clients:

US Customs enforces the timely filing of ISF (Importer Security Filing) which applies to ocean shipments only. The ISF must be filed at least 24 hours prior to lading on a vessel destined to the United States. Failure to comply with the timely filing of the ISF could ultimately result in monetary penalties, increased inspections, and delay of cargo. Please notify your overseas suppliers and forward the required ISF documentation to us for proper filing at least 3 days prior to loading the cargo on a vessel destined to the US.

Alert for food importers:

The FDA requires that the FSVP Food Supplier Verification Program importer be declared for all FDA entries. The FSVP puts more responsibility on the importers who must now create and maintain a written program that verifies and monitors the FDA and GMP compliance of foreign food manufacturers and distributors. We are experienced FDA consultants for the FSVP program and can help you build an FSVP compliance program for your food importing business. Contact us for more information.

As part of the Food Safety Modernization Act, food importers must obtain a DUNS number in order to complete the FDA Food Facility Registration requirements. We assist both local and foreign entities process their DUNS number or you can click here to initiate the DUNS number request from the DUNS website.